Ellinwood (620) 564-3241

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Phone (620) 564-3241

Fax     (620) 582-3628

Hours of Operation

7:30-5:30      Mon.-Fri.

8:00-12:00    Saturday

116 E. Santa Fe

Ellinwood, Kansas 67526

Store Location

Home Lumber

Vendor Partners

Home Lumber, Ellinwood.

Our crew at Ellinwood operates by two simple rules: 1. Do everything they can do to make your shopping experience a pleasant one and 2. When in doubt see rule 1. That may all sound like well worn cliches, but honestly isn’t that the way you’d like to be treated? Actively participating in the community is just a way of life at Home Lumber, Ellinwood and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Remember this.

So if you’ve never been in before, it’s been a while, or you were in their store yesterday Ron and his crew would like to invite you in today to experience customer service the way it should be…the Home Lumber way.