There are few home improvement projects that pay greater dividends than insulation. In addition to the utility costs savings that additional insulation provides, it also adds a great deal of comfort to your home.

Insulation comes in many different varieties. Fiberglass is the most common insulation product because of the high R-factor it provides in relationship to weight and costs. Fiberglass insulation comes unfaced for adding additional protection in the attic. It is also available with kraft-paper faces which act as vapor barriers.

Fiberglass insulation can also be blown in to the attic with an insulation blower. This is probably the easiest installation process and makes a great weekend project that can save you money for years. Blown insulation is also available as a cellulose product. There are advantages to both that we would love to discuss with you. So stop in, give us a call or request more information here. Remember, Home Lumber is your Insulation Solutions Center.