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Home Lumber

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Pride in our community.

At our location in Greensburg, Kansas, Home Lumber takes a great deal of pride in playing a small part in the rebuilding process of this west Kansas town devastated by a category EF-5 tornado back in May of 2007. It feels good to be part of a community whose resilience has been been demonstrated every day since the catastrophic event.

Remember this.

Home Lumber, Greensburg has had the unique opportunity to witness great acts of compassion and watch the synergy that often develops as friends help friends after disasters. The really amazing thing is that some of the friends didn’t even know each other prior to the event. It didn’t matter. Volunteers began to step up, inspiring others who followed selflessly, thereby inspiring still others and as the initiative grew out of the ashes and debris so did a new Greensburg that is, in some ways, even better than before. We will never forget what and who we lost that fateful night but Home Lumber is truly proud to be part of the new Greensburg.