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Phone      (620) 672-9444

Toll Free  (800) 371-0155

Fax          (620) 672-6162

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7:30-5:30      Mon.-Fri.

8:00-5:00    Saturday

803 North Main Street

Pratt, Kansas  67124

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Home Lumber

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Home Lumber, Pratt.

Arguably the best known supplier of building products in south-central Kansas is Home Lumber, Pratt, Kansas. Their well deserved reputation for quality and value is known for miles around.

Home Lumber, Pratt is one of 14 locations owned by Home Lumber & Supply Company. Headquartered in Ashland, Kansas, Home Lumber and Supply has stood the test of time.

Founded in 1905, Home Lumber has earned a  reputation for good old fashioned service while staying current with building concepts and fashion trends. Their resilience has allowed them to thrive for over a hundred years.

Perhaps you’ve never considered a store’s longevity when making your buying decision but, perhaps, you should.  For what good does a 20 year warranty do if the company who is your first-line to that warranty is no longer in business?

Newly Redesigned Showroom.

Stop in and see all the products we’ve added and the beautiful environment we’ve created for you. Spend an hour, or several, strolling through our amazing kitchen concept center, floor covering department and newly added appliance room.

Completed Projects